Paper Cutting Paper

About paper cutting paper

You can use any kind of paper for your paper cutting. They can be thin like tissue paper, or thick like card board.

Some paper has texture, some are plain, some have color on one side, and others have color on both sides, or it can be dual colored paper.

When you start to practice paper cutting, you can use any kind of paper around you, such as ads paper, newspapers, even paper towels, napkins...

Choose you paper

After you practice many times, you probably would want to use craft paper to cut; depending what are you going to cut, and what kind patterns are you going to work on.

Heavy, thick paper could be used for easy single layered cuts; but if you are going to cut many layers, or fold and cut paper (could be many layers after folded), some thinner and less fiber or crispy paper will be easier to handle.

For example, if you are doing silhouette paper cutting, heavy paper would be better; if you are going to cut a snowflake paper cutting, thinner paper will work better because you are cutting many layers.

Be sure you know if the paper is too crisp or too thin, because it may crack when they are being folded.

Rice paper (Xuan Zhi, Xuan paper)

Xuan paper is a special type of paper that is made in China. Xuan Paper has two different kinds, one is for Chinese brush painting, and the other is for paper cutting.

Some people can cut up to about 8-12 layers. You have to have a very sharpe knife to cut them and you have to practice more on this kind paper to get a good cuts.

In the U.S., I could only find white rice paper from some online stores or oriental art stores.

Ask first if the white Xuan paper is good for cutting or not. You can use Xuan Paper for your cuttings and then use water colors to color it.

Here is a video that I would like to share with you,

it's about Transitional Handicrafts on How to Making Xuan Paper

My Paper cutting paper

My Xuan paper was came from China, and they had many color choices.

These are my colored Xuan Paper:

Numbers 1-5 are colored on both sides. Numbers 6-9 are colored on both sides with gold specks on one side.

Xuan Paper

Origami Paper

I found origami paper are good choices for layered cuttings or fold and cut paper cuttings.

  • Origami paper is a squared shaped paper, so you don't need to make your own square paper when you do the fold and cut.
  • Origami paper has more different choices for colors, you can find all kinds of different solid-colored paper in here.
  • Origami paper designs have really cool patterns, some have two-tone on both sides, some have absorbed colors, as well as metallic colors, and so much more.

There are many sizes with lengths of about 4", 6", ... 9", and 13".

You can use these specially designed papers to cut your cool paper cuttings.

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