How to Make a
Paper Cutting Template

It is a good idea to make paper cutting templates that you want to keep some unique paper cutting patterns for using many times.

It will be a good idea for you to use them around the kids too. The kids can use templates draw by themself on the papers.

In here I will show you how to make a fold and cut snowflake template for your paper cuttings.

After that you will know how to make your own paper cutting templates.

Go to the following links below, find the pattern that you would like to cut and keep as a template for future use, print the pattern, they are free to download.

Let's start to make paper cutting template:

Materials: Scissors, stapler, pencil, printer, cardboard(or index card).

  1. After you find the pattern that you would like to make a template, print the pattern, you can also make the pattern bigger or smaller to fit your cutting, cut it out as the pictures show below.

  2. paper cutting template

  3. Put the pattern on the top of your cardboard or index card.

  4. paper cutting template

  5. Staple the pattern and cardboard together on the parts that you will cut and remove, so the pattern will not move away when you cut it.

  6. paper cutting template

  7. Use the scossors start to cut the hatched part.

  8. * Always cut the inside part(s), small part(s) first, this will help keep your pattern stay where it is.

    paper cutting template

  9. The final step is to cut out the outline of the picture.

  10. paper cutting template

  11. This is your paper cutting template.

  12. paper cutting template

  13. Use the pencil to make a mark at the center point, so you will not forget the center point

  14. paper cutting template

    Then write the name or number to remind you what this template is, how many sided fold and cut template it is. For example, it is a 6-sided snowflake template, or a 8-sided fold and cut template.

    How to Use Your Paper Cuting Template

  15. Put the template onto your folded paper

  16. * Keep the center point(as you already marked on the template) and the folded paper center in the same direction.

    paper cutting template

  17. Then use a pencil to trace the template onto the folded paper.

  18. paper cutting template

  19. The picture below shows after traced the template onto the folded paper.

  20. paper cutting template

  21. Now you can start to use the sissors follow the lines to cut the folded paper.

  22. paper cutting template

Video Instructions

How to Make a Paper Cutting Template

You can watch the video shown below to learn

how to make a paper cutting template.

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