Kirigami Mandalas

My first published paper cutting book

Click here to get your own copy.

This is a gorgeous print Kirigami Mandalas book kit. Include 100 sheets special deigned patterned paper for each mandala cutting, there are 35 kirigami mandalas to creat.

These two templates will guide you to fold the perfect angel of each point. 

This Kirigami Mandalas book is an advanced fold and cut paper cutting book. Include 4-points mandalas, 5-points mandalas, 6-points mandalas, 7-points mandalas, 9-points mandalas and multilayered mandalas.

Every mandala has easy to follow diagrams, so you'll never get stuck.

Kirigami Mandalas4-points mandala

Kirigami Mandalas5-point mandala

Kirigami Mandalas4-point mandala

The kirigami mandala cuttings can be great gifts, frame arts, decorations and plus a lot fun to creat them.

This gorgeous Kirigami Mandalas is a value book to keep for years. You'll have 35 kirigami mandalas to create. Also can be a good gift to your friends and family members.

Click here to get your own Kirigami Mandalas

Click here to get your own copy and

have fun in this creative paper cuttings.

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