Your Paper Cutting Show Page

Hi Paper Cutting Loves!

Here is Your paper cutting show page!

There so many people have been wanting to show off their paper cuttings. Here is the page just for you to do that!

If you, or your child(ren), grandchild(ren) have cut a piece of paper cutting, or given a paper cutting gift, or have done anything with paper cutting, please tell us about it, we would love to know! You also can upload a photo to here too.

And if you like what you see in this website, give others encouragement too, or if you have any suggestion, comment, or rating... because when you are just start paper cutting, it can be disheartening at the times!

We would love to know what paper cutting lovers are making!

It can be a design or your new cutting or even your accident cut wrong piece, it probably become a new creation!

Share Your Paper Cuttings!

Please share what you have done, and include a photo if you have one, or story about it!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Jewish Paper Cut Art 
Jewish paper cutting art is an ancient folk art dating to at least the Middle Ages, probably further than that but paper doesn't last so well. There …

It is a Christmas card 
I have made some Christmas cards for the craft market, using symmetrical paper cutting technique.

Fold and cut paper cutting Not rated yet
All these fold and cut paper cuttings cut by Pradip Sandhane, Maharashtra, India. They are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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