Paper Cutting in Amazon 

There are so many paper cutting books in Amazon and many other book store.

Here are some of my suggestions, click the books to find out more.

By: Tong Steinle. These mandalas are on the cutting edge! The rising popularity of paper craft will have you folding and cutting your way to beautiful decorations and art pieces. Lose yourself in the meditative process of creating unique models from paper and admiring the symmetry of these Tibetan mandalas. A cut above traditional paper folding, this craft requires a little more planning, but has inspirational results.

By Laura Heyenga (Compiler), Rob Ryan (Preface), Natalie Avella (Introduction). There's a renaissance underway in the art form of cut paper, with an explosion of raw talent and an abundance of amazing work produced in the medium in recent years. This gorgeous volume features work from 26 contemporary international artists who are creating images of astonishing intricacy, using little more than paper and blade. 

By Georgia Low. From field to forest and stream to sky, capture the harmony and beauty of the natural world with just some paper and a craft knife. This beautiful book includes step-by-step instructions for 20 exquisite nature-themed papercut projects.

By Paper Panda, aka Louise Firchau, with thousands of fans worldwide eager to purchase her distinctive and highly sought after papercut designs. In this gorgeous book, she shows you not only how its done in easy-to-follow steps, but also provides over 20 papercutting templates to try out for yourself. 

By Cheong-ah Hwang. 15 projects to capture your imagination. This exquisite book offers everything you need to become thoroughly inspired and utterly proficient in this popular craft. It will tempt you with 15 irresistible projects created by one of today’s outstanding paper sculptors. Here’s your chance to create intricate art that can adorn walls, serve as greeting cards, or be showcased in a number of innovative ways.

Renowned papercutter, Jessica Palmer, shares her art from inspiration to conclusion. Learn how to separate the visual world into positive and negative shapes and design gorgeous images with pattern, texture and impact. A practical section shows step by step how to 'draw with a knife' safely and effectively. Then Jessica provides artistic insights into an inspiring selection of her paper artworks, including silhouettes, portraits, landscapes, fashion images, illustrations, life drawing and more

By Chris Rich. Briefly discusses the history of paper cutting and traditional styles from different countries, describes basic techniques, and includes patterns and instructions for paper cutting projects

by Lin Tong. (Chinese Edition) This book is suitable for zero-based children to get started with paper cutting and the content is simple and easy to learn, almost covering all the skills needed for paper cutting. The content closely conforms to modern children's likes and the images are vivid and interesting, which can stimulate kids' interest in paper cutting. 

By Akiko Murooka. Decorative paper motifs for use in cards, scrapbooking, decorations, gift wrapping, place cards, bookmarks, and other crafts. Clear step-by-step instructions for folding and cutting paper with sharp scissors or a craft knife. The 150 designs include flowers and wreaths, intricate snowflakes, nature and garden images, holiday motifs, and more

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