How to Make
Template Paper Cutting

Template paper cutting is different than the folded and cut.

Some skilled paper cutting artists don't need to use patterns to make paper cuttings, all the cuttings from their minds.

This cutting is good for kids older than 12. They can start to learn how to handle the knife to cut the paper. For the beginning, they still need adult around them to make sure their safety.

In here I will show you how to use a pattern to make an template paper cutting.

If you are new in this section, I will suggest you try to cut one layer paper with the pattern. Once you feel you can handle it good, you can try to cut 3-4 layers together or even more.

It is not that hard, after you try it.

What do you need before you start:

Before you start, you need a piece (color) paper, a craft knift, and a cutting mat.

Let's Start:

  1. Find the pattern that you would like to cut, print the pattern as much as many times as you like, they are free to download.

  2. Download Unfolded Paper Cutting Patterns.

    unfolded paper cutting

  3. After you print the pattern, you can also make the pattern bigger to fit your cutting, cut it out as the picture shows below.

  4. After you print the pattern, you can draw the pattern onto your paper, or you can also staple the pattern on the top of your paper. Follow the line and dashed line to cut out the pattern.

  5. unfolded paper cutting

  6. Place the pattern on the top of the color paper.

  7. unfolded paper cutting

  8. Cut the color paper as the same size as the pattern.

  9. unfolded paper cutting

  10. Staple the pattern and color paper together on the parts that you will cut and remove, so the pattern will not move away when you cut it.

  11. unfolded paper cutting

  12. Put the papers on a cutting mat, and then use a point craft knife cut the inside hatched parts first.

  13. * Always cut out the inside parts first, this will help keep your pattern stay where it is.

    * Always cut the small pieces first.

    unfolded paper cutting

  14. Carefully take out the cutout parts.

  15. unfolded paper cutting

  16. After you finish the cutting, carefully move the cutout outline shaped part(s).

  17. * If you have some points didn't cut through, you can re-cut those points again at the same lines or the same points, otherwise you might make two or three cut lines at that point.

    unfolded paper cutting

    unfolded paper cutting

  18. Here you are! You have finished a beautiful unfolded paper cutting

  19. unfolded paper cutting

Yay! You make a beautiful paper cutting!

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