Special Fold & Cut
Paper Cutting Patterns

Special fold and cut patterns include 7 pointed, 9 pointed and more.

These patterns will bring you hours fun and joy. They are beautiful, unique, intricate and difficult cutting patterns. It can be the best gift for your loved one, because you cut it by yourself.

All these special fold and cut patterns are only available for purchases.

9 Pointed Snowflake Patterns:

Only $9.96

Instant download from here.

Only $9.96

Instant download from here.

These are rare snowflake patterns: Six 9-points snowflake patterns (9-sides fold and cut patterns) from my original designs. These patterns were requested by an custom who was trying to find 9 pointed snowflake patterns, and I made patterns for her and she love them. Now I want to share these with you.

They are beautiful, unique, intricate and difficult cutting patterns. 

Six 9 points-snowflake Patterns samplesPattern Samples

How the patterns look like:

Each pattern has two different true sizes cutting patterns, the pattern sample as the picture showing above: about 7.5" x 7.5" and 5.5" x 5.5" cross on finished cuttings. Because the thickness after the folding, it will be difficult to cut, the patterns will also come with two different sized directly cut on patterns and the second pictures showing.


More patterns will be add in shortly, come often to find more, thank you!

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