Snowflake Cutting Patterns:
(6-Sided Fold and Cut)

Snowflake (6-sided, or 12 repeats) fold and cut paper cutting, is one of the most popular fold and cut methods that people like to make snowflakes around New Year and winter time.

The snowflake folding method is a little challenge compared to the 4-sided fold and cut, but easier than the 5-sided folding method. In this page I will show you step-by-step how to fold and cut.

Snowflake fold and cut will have 12 layers paper together, so the cutting should be a little bid harder than the 4 sided (8 layers) and 5-sided (10 layers) cuttings.

Learn How-to Make a Snowflake Fold and Cut

Free patterns for you, click each image to download and practice. These free paper cutting patterns are easy to cut, and very dedicate. You will love them.

Snowflake paper cutting
Snowflake paper cutting
Snowflake paper cutting

More Advanced

(for Purchase only)

These snowflake patterns (6-sized-fold and cut pattern) from my original designs. They are beautiful, unique, intricate and difficult cutting patterns. You can decorated your windows, Christmas trees or any places at holiday seasons, it can also use as part of decoration for the gifts.

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