Symmetrical Cutting Patterns

You can use paper to make a lot of fun crafts. Paper-cutting is one kind paper craft.

Symmetrical fold and cut is one of the easiest paper cutting for younger kids or beginners.

On this page I will continually add easy paper-cutting patterns for kids. You can encourage them to make their own cuttings.

How-To Symmetrical (2-Sided) Fold and Cut

How-to Symmetrical (2-Sided) Fold and Cut Graphic Instructions .

How-to Symmetrical (2-Sided) Fold and Cut Picture Instructions

How to Make a Symmetrical (2-Sided) Paper Cutting Video Instructions

Symmetrical Cutting Patterns:

All patterns are free to download.

Click the picture of the pattern you like and wish to cut and download.


Angel pattern Angel pattern

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bat pattern

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Christmas bell pattern Christmas bell pattern

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building pattern building pattern

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butterfly pattern

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Chinese Lanterns:

Chinese Lanterns Go to Chinese Lanterns Page

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Christmas Trees:

Christmas tree pattern Christmas tree pattern

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Clown pattern Clown pattern

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fish pattern

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Valentines pattern Valentines pattern Valentines pattern

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mushroom pattern

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Pumpkin pattern Pumpkin pattern Pumpkin pattern

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Snowman pattern

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spider pattern

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Paper Cutting is one of good paper crafts for the Homeschoolers.

Here has some good links to try:

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Kids Craft Ideas has some great kids craft ideas. From preschool to recycled crafts and making robots, there are lots of new things to try including making beautiful leaf paper for fall and an ocean diorama in a shoe box.

homeschooling activities

Are you enjoy these paper cuttings?

Are these paper cuttings too easy for you?

Come and try these links below:

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