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If you are a paper cutting patterns/templates maker, here has a good chance to advertising/sharing your art works.

Many paper cutting lovers asked me where can they find some good patterns to cut or practice on. I think this is a good chance to advertise your special made paper cutting patterns to those cutters, for only $2.00 per month if you choose to pay one year subscription.

I am sure other paper cutting lovers will like to try your paper cutting patterns.

Ads size:

    Each Ads size, the width 550, the height 300, include a 250 x 250 picture and descriptions.


Only $2.00 per month if you choose to pay a full year subscription, the fee is $24.00

If you choose pay per month, the fee will be $3.00

You can cancel it at anytime, without any extra charges. Just send me a note, I will stop your ads.

After you subscribed, please send me your contact information by using the form below, let me know which page and how would you like you to put ads, etc.

Thanks for your support at Tong's Paper Cutting!


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