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Paper Cutting Lovers, Issue #010 -- New Look In Tong's Paper Cutting
September 25, 2012

New Look In
Tong's Paper Cutting

Greeting to all Paper Cutting Lovers,

I have to apologize to you, I didn't have time to send this ezine on time since the month of May. I have been back to China stay with my parents for about 3 weeks. After I came back to USA, I received an email said my website is on the list to upgrade. So I did the whole website upgrade.

Wow! All done now, I hope you will like this new look in Tong's Paper Cutting.

I added my Butterfly-Cross Galleries and make a Butterfly-Cross slideshow.

I hope you enjoy these!

I made some new paper cutting Tutorial Videos for you. And I will make more. :-)

As always, I would love to hear from all of you. If you could send me some ideas what you like to cut or any suggestions about how to keep this website better than ever, and more.

You can contact me at here

If you like Butterfly-Cross, you can see lots stuff in Butterfly Cross Gifts Online for Easy Shopping.

You can also personalize the pictures by adding your own sayings, or you can simply buy the product the way it is.

Enjoy My New Paper Cutting Patterns!

See you next time!

If you like this e-zine please pay to forward it, let your families and friends know it, thank you!

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Tong Steinle

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