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Paper Cutting Lovers, Issue #004 -- Holiday paper cuttings
December 06, 2011

Holiday Paper Cutting Patterns

Hi all Paper Cutting Lovers,

Thanks for you keep to receiving Paper Cutting Love e-Zine, and thanks for all of your suggestions. All this will keep this website unique and works just for you - all the paper cutting lovers, Thank you!

Christmas and 2012 New Year are close to us now.

I added some unique Snowflake Paper Cutting patterns.

I hope you will enjoy all these new Christmas paper-cutting patterns , and have fun with your children or grandchildren to make your own decorations with this paper cutting ideas.

I hope you will like what I have been worked
and added in these pretty Snowflake patterns. :D

Snowflake paper cutting pattern Snowflake paper cutting pattern Snowflake paper cutting pattern

As always, I would love to hear from all of you. If you could send me some ideas what you like to cut or any suggestions about how to keep this website better than ever, and more.

I have my special paper cutting Butterfly- Cross Gallary opened, I will have more pictures to add in.

Welcome come and visit to see more pictures.

If you like Butterfly-Cross, you can see lots stuff in Butterfly Cross Gifts Online for Easy Shopping.

You can also personalize the pictures by adding your own sayings, or you can simply buy the product the way it is.

Enjoy your Paper Cutting!

Enjoy these Holiday Seasons!

See you next time!

If you like this e-zine please pay to froward it, let your families and friends know it, thank you!

Tong Steinle

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