Paper Cutting How-To

Welcome to this paper cutting How-To page!

Here you will find instructions for all different kind fold and cut, unfolded cut paper cuttings.

Symmetrical Paper Cutting

How-to Symmetrical (2-Sided) Fold and Cut

4-Sided Fold and Cut

How-to 4-Sided Fold and Cut 

5-Sided Fold and Cut

How-to 5-Sided Fold and Cut

Snowflake Fold and Cut( 6-Sided )

How-to Snowflake Fold and Cut

8-Sided Fold and Cut

How-to 8-Sided Fold and Cut

Paper Cutting From 
Templates / Patterns

How-to make Paper Cutting from templates


How to make 3D snowflake paper cutting


How to make layers paper cutting

Video Instructions by Click Here

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