Paper Cutting Scissors

Paper Cutting Scissors

Paper cutting scissors are one of the very important tools in your cuttings.

Sharp and pointy tips will make your work easier and neater.

Straight Scissors and curved Scissors are most common use for the paper cuttings.

Straight Scissors:

Straight scissors have straight blades at front of the scissors.

Curved Scissors:

Curved scissors have curved blades at front of the scissors

Tips for taking care of your paper cutting scissors:

You should take good care of your scissors for better cuttings:

1. Keep your paper-cutting scissors separate with others. Do not use paper-cutting scissors for any other purpose (Ex. paper only, not plastic and such), this will damage the blades.

2. Please do not drop your scissors, this may cause the tips to break or the blades to not align well.

3. Keep your scissors in a dry place; a wet environment will cause them to rust.

4. Always keep the scissors clean after you finish your cuttings.

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Craft Detail Scissors 4 in. each

Craft Detail Scissors 4 in. each


Ideal for very detailed, precise paper cutting, the Armada Craft Detail Scissors are manufactured to cut effectively and precisely with ease through a range of materials, including paper, fabric, leather, and cardboard. The scissors' ambidextrous grip is perfect for right- and left-handed crafters.A great addition to any crafter's toolbox

You can also find some good choise from CreateForLess

Gingher Scissor 5

Gingher Scissor 5" Lightweight Craft Scissor


Recognized as the finest name in scissors and shears, Gingher products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. An occasional drop of oil in the pivot area will aid in preserving the smooth cutting action. The inside surfaces of the blades should be wiped clean with a dry cloth after use. Always return the instrument to the original sheath or package when not in use. 5" Lightweight Craft Scissor

Mundial Scissors Cushion Soft Hobby/Craft 5.5

Mundial Scissors Cushion Soft Hobby/Craft 5.5" Blue


Mundial Scissors and Shears come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you can choose from scissors, shears or trimmers. They are preferred by more quilters, tailors and hair stylists around the world! All Mundial products will be free from defects in materials & workmanship, during normal use, as long as you own them. They are all guaranteed for life. Cushion Soft Hobby/Craft 5.5" Blue- These shears feature unique ergonomically designed non-slip handles for both right and left hand use. They are comfortable to use and the special micro-serrated blades provide maximum control in cutting even the most delicate, silky fabrics.

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