How to Make 5-Sided Paper Cuttings
Graphic Instructions

5-sided (10 repeats) fold and cut paper cutting, is one of the most popular fold and cut methods that people like to make stars, flowers.

The 5-sided folding method is a little challenge compared to the 4-sided fold and cut. But don't worry, in this page I will show you step-by-step how to fold and cut.

5-sided fold and cut will have 10 layers paper together, so the cutting should be a little bid harder than the 4 sided (8 layers) cuttings.

Let's start:

The picture below shows you how to fold the paper. Remember always fold the colored side of the paper inside, if your paper is colored on one side. You will draw the pattern on the white side.

  1. The first picture below shows where to fold the paper on the dashed line.

  2. 5-Sided Paper Cutting

  3. Find the correct angle, which is about a 72º, fold paper from the right to the middle. Follow the dashed lines in the picture below as a guideline.

  4. 5-Sided Paper Cutting

  5. Then fold it again, about half from your last fold, to your left, it will be about 36º.

  6. 5-Sided Paper Cutting

  7. Fold the left part to the right, they should stay in line.

  8. 5-Sided Paper Cutting

  9. After you finish the fold shown in number 4, it should look something like this picture.

  10. 5-Sided Paper Cutting

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