How to Make a
4-Sided Paper Cuttings

On this page you'll find my easy graphic picture instructions for 4-Sided Fold and Cut.

4-Sided fold and cut paper cutting can be easy for kids to do paper craft cutting.

It's easy to fold and doesn't have too many layers after the folding (8 layers). The cutting is a lot easier compared to the 5-sided (10 layers) and snowflakes (6-sided, 12 layers).

4-Sided fold and cut paper cuttings is a fun and easy craft for kids, they will love it.

4-sided (8 repeats) fold and cut paper cutting is one of the most popular fold and cut methods that people like to do.


The pictures below instruct you how to fold the paper. Remember always fold the colored side of the paper inside, if your paper is colored on one side. You will draw the pattern on the white side.

Here is the picture that shows you how to fold the paper.

1. Fold the paper into half, and the colored side of the paper inside.

2. Then fold into another half; keep the center toward to you

3. Then fold into half again, into a triangle this time, as the pictures shows. Keep the center toward to you.

4. After you finish folding the paper, it will look like a triangle.

Go to 4 Points/sided patterns and print them

they are free to download.

5. After you print the pattern, you can also make the pattern bigger to fit your cutting, cut it out as the picture shows

6. You can draw the pattern onto your paper, or you can put the pattern onto the folded paper.

* Keep the center and the folded paper center in the same direction.

7. Then use a pencil to trace the pattern onto the folded paper

8. Now use the scissors and start cutting your paper. Always cut the inside lines first.

9. The last cut is the outside line(s).

10. Here is your finished cutting.

11. Carefully open it by reverse the folding steps.

12. Enjoy your beautiful paper-cutting

Video Instructions

How to Make a 4-Sided Fold And Cut

4-Sided Fold and Cut Patterns

5-Sided Paper Folding and Cut Patterns

Snowflakes (6-Sided Paper) Folding and Cut Patterns

8 Sided Fold and Cut Patterns

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