Chains Paper Cutting
Folding Method and Cutting Patterns

Chains paper-cutting, some people called paper dolls cutting. Kids love this fun paper cuttings.

Long rows of cuttings are great idea for decorating seasonal celebrations. Like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Chains Paper Cutting Folding Method

Follow the instructions below, you can make your own cuttings, Here is how:

1. Cut a strip of paper to about 4" x 11", or any sizes you want to be used in your projects.

2. The picture below shows you how to fold the paper. Remember to always fold the colored side of the paper inside if your paper is colored on one side. You will draw the pattern on the white side.

How to fold paper

Let's try to cut this one!

More Chains paper cutting patterns:

Are you enjoy these paper cuttings? Come and try these:

Share Your Paper Cuttings!

Please share what you have done, and include a photo if you have one, or story about it!

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