Butterfly-Cross 16" x 20" Gallery

Red Butterfly Cross

Item Number:CR1620-001

Butterfly Cross

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#1 Red paper cutout Butterfly Cross on white card board.

Frame Size: 25.5" x 31.5"

Item Number: CR1620-001


Only one cutting for this Butterfly-Cross. No cutting Edition!


  • All the paper cuttings of this website are artist's self creations. 
  • © Tong Steinle. All rights reserved;
  • Each of the cuttings are the artist's special hand cuttings, one at a time, especially for those Butterfly-Cross, Snowflake Fold and Cut; some other pattern cutting may cut several layers in one time;
  • Butterfly-Cross, snowflake paper cutting will cut individuality for each order, so your cutting may not exactly looks the same as the picture shows, but it will be similar, or more prettier.
  • Processing time: frame size under 8" x 10" paper cutting may take 2-5 days, above 11"x14" paper cutting may take 3-10 days. Holidays season may take longer time to finish your orders, so please make your order earlier, to receive them before you need.
  • Artist will carefully chose the background card board to give the most beautiful and unique artistic look for each cutting;
  • Artist will mount the cutting picture onto the background card board;
  • Picture will send without frame unless custom requested and pre-paid;
  • Frame shown is suggested by artist.
  • Finished cutting picture(s) will be professionally protected and wrapped;
  • Picture(s) will be sent through USPS First Class mail ( I will pay shipping insurance)
  • Return will only accept 7 days after received the order, must be in the original wrapping package, no damage, otherwise no refund; refund may take 2-3 weeks after we received your returns; refund will not include returned shipping fees. (Please contact us first for regarding about your returns).
  • Your order processing will go through Etsy Shopping Card, it is easy and save. Read Etsy policy from Here.

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