About Paper Cutting

Paper-cutting has a long history, and it is still very popular all over the world.

In Chinese culture, handmade paper-cutting is widely used in window and door decorations, called Chuang-hua(窗花), means window flowers, especially during Chinese biggest holiday - Spring Festivals.

Chuang Hua

The oldest paper cutting was a symmetrical circle from the 6th century found in China. By the 8th and 9th century, paper-cutting appeared in Western Asia.

Around 16th and 17th century, paper-cutting had been passed to middle Europe.

China, India, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Dutch, etc.; they all have their own paper cutting distinguishing in that different countries.

Today, paper-cutting is used to decorate walls, windows, doors, mirrors, lanterns and gifts.

The most used color for paper-cutting in China is red, which means happiness and good luck.

Happy New Year!

Paper-cutting is the art of using scissors or a knife to cut any type of designs out of the paper.

The designs can vary, such as animals, nature, people, religious symbols, etc.

Paper-cutting can be used as decorations, greeting cards, book marks, scrapbooks, or whatever you prefer.


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