3D Snowflake Paper Cutting

3D snowflake

3D snowflake paper cutting? Most of the snowflake cuts are flat cuttings, two dimensions. 

Now everything goes to 3D. That's include snowflakes. People like to make 3D snowflakes, such as origami snowflakes, 3D paper snowflakes, 3D snowflake ornaments and more, 3D snowflake paper cutting is one of them.

The cutting processing is like the regular snowflake cuttings, then add some creases and curves,  you will get a new look for the 3D snowflake paper cut.

How to make a
3D Snowflake Paper Cutting 

Tools and Materials:

  • Pointed and sharp scissors
  • white of color copy paper
  • barbecue bamboo stick

Please download this free 3D snowflake pattern, we will use it as practice.

Each 3D pattern will have two different true sized cutting patterns, each size will fit 8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm) and 6" x 6" (15 cm x 15 cm) squared paper.

Here is how the 3D snowflake patterns look like:

3D snowflake pattern


  • Print this pattern on white or any color copy paper
  • Follow the dotted lines and folding instructions to fold your paper

You can also make your template first, then cut on origami paper.

  • Cut directly from the pattern with sharp scissors
  • Carefully unfold your finished cutting
  • The finished cutting picture should look like this
finished 3d snowflake cutting

You will find the crease marked page from the download pattern, follow the red dash lines to make creases.

red dash lines for crease marks

After you made all the creases, it should like this picture:

creased the snowflake

Then use a bamboo stick to roll up or down the folds as you like.

bamboo stick
rolled snowflake
3D snowflake

Mount your 3D snowflake paper cutting on the background card stock and frame it.

3D snowflake paper cutting
framed 3D snowflake
3D snowflake paper cutting

Enjoy this intricate, beautiful, and difficult 3D snowflake cutting!

More 3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Patterns
(for purchase only)

3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Pattern
3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Pattern
3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Pattern
3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Pattern
3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Pattern
3D-Snowflake Paper Cutting Pattern

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