30 different Love 爱(ai) in Chinese Calligraphy paper cutting patterns  

This book has easy instructions and 30 different patterns.

All patterns are true-size printable patterns; each pattern will fit into the frame or mat opening size 8"x 11".

Use these easy paper cutting patterns to create special arts by yourself.


  • I prefer to cut one single layer of paper to get the better result.
  • It is better to start cutting from the top left, cut the inside areas first, then the outside line; normally start with the smallest area, then go to surrounding larger areas.
  • After the cutting completed, mount it on a suggested sized mat board of your choice. Using clear glue or white glue, use a tooth pick to place small dots under the cutting paper, and place onto the background you have chosen, be sure to five it a few minutes for it to set.
  • You can also laminate your cuttings to protect them well.

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30 "Love" Character in Chinese Calligraphy Paper Cutting Patterns

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