Symmetrical (2-Sided) Folding
Graphic Instructions

On this page you'll find my easy graphic picture instructions for easy paper cutting to the young kids or beginner.

If you haven't done paper cutting, this is a good way to start it.

Let's start from here:

  1. The picture below shows you how to fold the paper. Remember to always fold the colored side of the paper inside if your paper is colored on one side. You will draw the pattern on the white side.

  2. Symmetrical Paper Cuttings

  3. Find the pattern that you would like to cut, print the pattern as much as you like, they are free to download.

  4. Download the patterns here.

  5. After you print the pattern, you can draw the pattern onto your paper. If it's too hard for you to draw it, you can put the pattern on the top of your paper. The dashed line must be aligned with the fold of your paper, then staple them together on the parts that you will cut and remove, so the pattern will not move away when you cut it.

  6. You can follow this link to know how to cut a symmetrical paper cutting.

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