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Hi Paper Cutting Lovers,

Welcome to join us to have paper cutting fun!

In this website, we have step-by-step on How-to Easy Paper Putting, as well as many free paper cutting patterns made just for you!

Fold-and-cut paper cutting is one of my favorite kind of cuttings to do. This type of cutting varies in 4-Sided5-Sided6-sided (snowflake shaped)8-sided, 16-sided. 

We have How-To instructionsVideo Tutorials to walk you through on how to make your own paper-cuttings.

You can enjoy my handmade paper cutting pictures at Paper Cutting Galleries.  

My special made Butterfly-Cross paper cutting patterns. Each pattern has it's own package with instructions and 4 different sizes patterns. It will let you enjoy this unique and beautiful Cross arts.

We have printable colored paper, free for you to download.

Paper-cutting for kids is also a fun hands-on activity for your kids! Whether it's in school or at home, paper-cutting is a great way to teach them to use their hands, tools, as well as exercise their minds. We have free paper-cutting patterns for kids too!

I will keep adding more and more beautiful and unique paper-cutting patterns for different levels.

Most of the patterns in this website are free for you to download so please enjoy them at any time, any place, any where, and any occasion!

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If you or your kids have cut a piece of paper-cutting that you want to share,
everyone would love to know about it!

We like to see your beautiful work!

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Tong Li

Hi, Tong is here. (Chinese name is 李彤 Li Tong).

I'm a self-taught Chinese paper-cutting artist and Butterfly-Cross paper-cutting creator.

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